2MM OVM6946 CMOS Sensor Endoscope Camera Module

We have many types of miniature endoscope camera module in production. Like Smallest endoscope camera module for diameter 1.48mm, 1.8mm, 2.0mm with resolution for 400*400. We can also offer disposable endoscopy diameter diameter 2.8mm for Industrial endoscope, medical endoscope, ear endoscopy. We also have Diameter 3.2MM 800P endoscope camera module, diameter 3.5mm 3.7mm 3.9mm 720P endoscopic camera module, diameter 5.5mm 720P*525 Analog camera module. All mini endoscopic camera module can be support output AV;USB;HDMI. But output HDMI need to re-quote.

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Weight 0.5 kg

CMOS OVM6946 Sensor



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MINI endoscopic camera module is used for CMOS OV6946 sensor, with resolution 400*400, high frame rate 30FPS. Out diameter of endoscopic camera module is 2.0mm with LED and With Stainless Steel Sleeve. It can be customized diameter φ2.8mm with 4PCS LED. Camera module Length is 5±0.1mm. The standard FOV(Diagonal) is 120 degree, but if you want small FOV, it can be customized 100°, 90°, depends on your requirments. Depth of field is 5-80mm or 5mm to infinity. Diameter of cable is 0.6mm, the max length of cable is 3 meters. Endoscopy camera module can be supported output for AV;USB. Application for Medical Endoscopy.

2.0MM OVM6946 Medical endoscope camera module can support out diameter 0.75mm o.6mm cable, the max length is 2.5-3 meters.


Item NO. CBT-400P-E2.0
Sensor OVM6946 CMOS
Out Diameter φ2.0mm (With Stainless Steel Sleeve)
Camera module Length 5±0.1mm
Resolution 400X400@30FPS
FOV(Diagonal) 120° (4G) ( Customized 100°,2G2P )
Depth of field 5-80mm, 5mm-infinity
Back end cable diameter φ3.5mm
Back end cable length 0-3000mm ( Only AV output can be 5 Meters )
Scan Mode Progressive
Operating Temperature -20 ℃    –   +70℃
Separately from the PCBA Camera Module + PCB
Supporting image processing board AV;USB

2MM OVM6946 CMOS Sensor Endoscope Camera Module

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