Enjoy High Performance with Synchronous Binocular USB UVC Camera Module For 3D Cam

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Enjoy High Performance with Synchronous Binocular USB UVC Camera Module For 3D Cam

Buying a camera is always a daunting task for a non-IT expert. However, it also depends on the features and purpose that you need it for. The USB camera module is a general-purpose camera board specifically designed for both PCs and embedded systems like Raspberry Pi, ARM, Odroid and similar hardware. It supports almost all equivalent interface image sensor and many MIPO camera sensors. The USB camera adopt the standards of the USB interface, so that can be easily expanded and adapted.

The synchronization dual lens USB camera module use aptina AR0130 1/3 inches CMOS digital image sensor with an active-pixel array of 1280 (H) x 960(V). The comprehensively featured camera easily captures images with a rolling-shutter readout. This camera is a perfect choice application for gaming system, video surveillance, HD video and 3D camera.

UVC cameras are driver free cameras which can easily be connected directly through the USB interface. Synchronous Binocular USB UVC Camera Module For 3D Cam are compatible with Windows and Linux software and moreover it does not need drivers.

The USB camera module easily integrates the camera unit and the video capture unit and it then connects to the host system through the USB interface. The unit of this camera combining the lens to the image sensor precisely depends on different image needs like angle, view, resolution sensor feature, etc.

The video capture unit usually considers the image processing applications like wavelength band, compatible DSP or microcontroller, sensor commands support, frame rate, etc. This USB camera module for 3D cams encompass more case-specific features like Wide Dynamic light Range enhancement, low ment and different view angle camera lens options.

Synchronous Binocular USB UVC Camera Module For 3D Cam sold at Shenzhen Brilliant CMOS Technology boasts separate initial design, coupled with the chute type fixation and can be installed at any 360-degree angle. The best thing about this camera is that it can also be installed in the same direction. This camera is highly suitable for fine face recognition and face recognition for various distances. Suitable hardware clicks panoramic views. This allows the guest invoke the control as per to the UVC image protocol.

Buy USB camera module with small size, the power consumption and heat generation are lower than similar products, the dark state effect is also good and the image quality is also superior. This USB UVC Camera Module is also applied for industrial tablet and notebook computer.


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