The Difference of camera module interface for DVP & MIPI-CSI

The Difference of camera module interface for DVP & MIPI-CSI

What is MIPI interface ?

MIPI is differential serial transmission, fast speed, anti-interference. Currently divided into D/C/M PHY categories. The main mobile modules now use MIPI_ DPHY or CPHY transmission:

  • DPHY transmission uses 4 pairs of differential signals to transmit image data and a pair of differential clock signals.
  • CPHY uses three sets of three single-ended signals to transmit data. Each single-ended signal can represent three logic levels, with a higher data transmission rate and fewer pins.

MIPI is LVDS low voltage differential serial port, only need CLKP/N, DATAP/N — maximum support 4-lane, general 2-lane can be done. MIPI interface has fewer signal lines than DVP interface. Because it is a low-voltage differential signal, it produces little interference and has strong anti-interference ability.

The MIPI camera has three power supplies:

  • VDDIO (IO power supply)
  • AVDD (Analog power supply)
  • DVDD (Core digital power supply)

Different sensor cameras have different power supply, AVDD has 2.8V or 3.3V; DVDD generally uses 1.5V or higher, different manufacturers have different designs, 1.5V May be provided by the sensor or external supply, if external power supply can be used, it is recommended to use external supply, the voltage should be greater than the internal DVDD; VDDIO voltage should be consistent with the level of MIPI signal line. If the signal line is at 2.8V level, VDDIO should also be supplied with 2.8V. Some sensors can also provide VDDIO from the inside without VDDIO.

What is CSI and DSI ?

The camera interface of MIPI is called CSI and the display interface of MIPI is called DSI.

5MP can also reluctantly use DVP, 8MP Sensor and above are MIPI interface.

What is DVP inteface ?

DVP is parallel port transmission, the speed is slow, the transmission bandwidth is low, use needs:

PIN OUTDescription
PCLKPixel clock
MCLK(XCLK)External clock input
VSYNCVertical synchronization
HSYNCHorizonal synchronization
D[0:11]Parallel port data can be 8/10/12bit data size


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