4K MIPI Camera Module – Loaded with Advanced Technology

4K MIPI Camera Module – Loaded with Advanced Technology

A camera module that can be used for consumer applications needs high-resolution image capture.  The 4K CMOS camera module uses sensor technology for best vision. It is a high performance, 1/2-inch, 8 megapixels (8MP), CMOS image sensor that delivers 3840×2160 at 60 fps. Also, it provides full-frame and windowed 10/12-bit MIPI/LVDS images in different formats. Its cable and an adapter board can be easily connected the EVK board and the sensor by MINI-SAS connectors.

With its capability to stream 4K at 15fps and Full HD at 60fps, this camera module is the best fit for Raspberry PI to run applications that need high resolution imaging. This high quality 4k camera module is based on AR1335 CMOS image sensor from ON Semiconductor and has a dedicated high-performance Image Signal Processor (ISP).

Made using innovative technology, 4K MIPI Camera Module is best used for high dynamic range still pictures and even movies are achievable. It equips an electronic shutter with variable integration time. Fixed focus and auto focus are as well available with flexibility to support various lens.

Highly versatile, flexible and with the largest sensor variety, our 4K MIPI Camera sensor Module encompass numerous applications in industry and standard products. This camera module come built in with image signal processor which helps to offload image processing tasks and reduces CPU usage. Its interchangeable lens enables users to choose a lens of their choice as per their application needs.

The uncompressed 4K streaming capabilities easily minimizes the computation load on the platform which is highly suitable for running a video analytic application. With Capability to stream 4K at 15fps and Full HD at 60fps, the e-CAM130_CURB is the perfect fit for Raspberry Pi to run applications that require high resolution imaging. Its mesmerizing features and benefits include MIPI interface, on board imaging signal processor, uncompressed HD @ 60 fbs and 4K @ 15 fbs.

The MIPI camera module come with three power supplies including IO power supply, analog power supply and Core digital power supply. Actually the camera power supply of different sensor modules is different. The manufacturing of camera model completely depends on its design and the manufacturer.

We at Shenzhen Brilliant CMOS Technology provide solutions based on image requirements and display interfaces to meet the strict power and performance needs of different products. The CMOS/CCD sensor converts the optical signal gathered by lens into an electrical signal into a digital signal and outputs it to the DSP for processing and ultimately converts it into a RAW format image signal for output.

RAW image is the raw data that the image sensor converts the captured light source signal into digital signal. Also RAW files record some raw data generated by camera shooting such as ISO settings, shutter and shutter speed etc.


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