Dual Lens USB Camera Module – A Smart Device for Smart Users

Dual Lens USB Camera Module – A Smart Device for Smart Users

An innovative camera module is a miniature device that comprises image sensors, lenses, circuit boards and other components and is widely used in smartphones, tablets, laptops, automobiles, security and other fields. With the growth in technology and consumer demand, the over all performance and function of camera modules have been continuously improved and the market size has even shown a trend of rapid growth.

As per market research institute, China is the world’s largest camera module production and consumption country which occupies an important position in the market. It is so, because this country has many excellent camera module manufacturers and suppliers whose advanced cam era modules offer competitive advantages to the users include cost-effective price, technological innovation and quality assurance.

Synchronized dual lens camera module easily utilizes the disparity between the two lenses through algorithms which allow the users to see the world in a way they want. Dual Lens USB Camera Module is designed for environmental versatility and featuring long-range capability ies and high-resolution depth perception.

The excellent WDR technology features at wide dynamic range and high quality image under the backlight and the maximum dynamic range up to 96 DB. It also comprises best universal compatibility. The dual lens camera module support USB 2.0 and absolutely vers atile for SKYPE, OBS, Zoom , Go To Meeting, Facebook LIVE, and YouTube Live streaming services etc. It also widely works with Win XP/Vista/Windows 7/8, Window 10 Linux.

The dual lens camera module options are available to you such as SDK, WiFi and onvif. You can as well choose from CMOS, CCD dual lens camera module as well as from face recognition, night vision and waterproof / weatherproof dual lens camera module.

The camera module supplier easily supply dual lens 3D Stereo USB Camera Module with M9 90 Degree Lens which easily meet the most capturing and video requirements. Its high resolution 2K dual lens camera module with CMOS supports OTG optional.

The streaming double lens camera module provides incredibly sharp2K FHD to capture crystal clear images and records 30fbs. This machine is ideal for different kinds of industries. High speed USB 2.0 interface Dual Lens USB camera module offer excellent indoor and outdoor effects. It can be used by all kinds of people as it come featuring Compression format which help to save more storage space, streaming with less demand on your computer provides faster and smoother video uploading.

Dual lens USB camera module is made to best improve product quality and performance to best meet the growing and diverse needs of customers. The multifunctional dynamic physical cameras support facial recognition, live detection, iris recognition, finger vein recognition, etc. Also this camera module is suitable for the complex indoor and outdoor backlighting environments.


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