Meet Your Needs of Wholesale USB UVC Camera Module

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Meet Your Needs of Wholesale USB UVC Camera Module

The benefits of UVC USB camera module are remarkable in their own ways.  If you are looking for wholesale UVC USB camera module, Shenzhen Brilliant CMOS Technology Co has a comprehensive scale list of wholesale USB camera module products at factory prices and featured by verified wholesalers & manufacturers from many countries to best satisfy all your requirements.

Our UVC USB camera module come with excellent image sensor to take quality pictures. The camera is capable of operating at up to30 fps at 24MHZ clock in VGA mode, which can be completely controlled by user over image quality and data format.

USB UVC camera modules are mainly used in cellular phone cameras, notebook and desktop PC cameras. This camera modules can be widely used with most operating systems, such as windows, Android, Mac, Linux, and others. Inbuilt USB2.0 vision standard interface of USB makes it absolutely easy to integrate camera modules into any hardware device. Also, USB camera modules do not need any additional driver installation. Moreover the camera can be automatically detected and read by the host. The best about it is that the UVC camera module’s backward compatibility feature allows a recent version to operate with a device that is compatible with an older version.

Shenzhen Brilliant CMOS Technology is a renowned USB camera module supplier dedicated to supply different types of MIPI, CMOS, USB UAV and sensor camera modules to best meet your different needs. When it comes to our USB UVC camera modules, it can be best customized to best suit all your imaging needs without compromising quality and performance.

Our cameras modules also come equipped with plug-and-play capability- making them suitable for embedded vision applications such as smart signage, airport & retail store kiosks, medical devices, security or surveillance systems and many more. Our USB UVC Camera Module is built with quality elements. The camera module come with a high-sensitivity image sensor for excellent performance.

Shenzhen Brilliant CMOS Technology USB UVC camera modules are best compliant with the official standards and users find it easy to set up and plug-and-play with any hardware you like. Our different USB camera modules come with different image sensors to best shoot from HD, to full HD and to ultra HD etc. Best combined with different types of lenses, our camera modules easily meet all kinds of needs like wide-angle, wide dynamic range, night vision, low light, zoom control, autofocus, stereo vision, and IR.

Thus, easy to use USB UVC camera module is a true delight for those who want to create superb photographic prints.


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