A Glimpse Over Versatility of USB Camera Modules

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A Glimpse Over Versatility of USB Camera Modules

With the existence of arrays of cameras in the market today, shopping for an appropriate digital camera can be really confusing, especially if you are not sure what you actually looking for. There are many different types and styles of digital cameras available in the market today but to buy the best one, you should know what to look for in a digital camera.

Endoscopic cameras are vital image processing equipment in modern medicine. Commonly developed with mainstream high-grade PC computer system and high-quality video board, this tiny device help doctors to realize the diagnosis report with pictures and texts.

USB UVC camera modules are compatible with Windows, Linux, Android, Mac etc. The high-performance image sensor and high-mega-pixel resolution make it possible for the camera to capture clear image and reproduce original color.  The best thing about such camera system is that they can make data exchange with various mobile devices.

Shenzhen Brilliant CMOS Technology is the top distributor of USB UVC Camera Modules. We provide such modules for various application and usages. Medical sector makes use of such modules which feature automatic focus, white balance, exposure and gain control. The best about such modules is that they are compatible with a wide range of development boards as well as different Windows PC’s. With such modules, you can easily connect to your device through a USB with a Mini USB cable well connected to the module.

As far as features of USB camera module is concerned, you will such camera module dimension is wide, high degree operating temperature, auto focus, good object distance, high-megapixel resolution and 2.0 interface, etc. These excellent features make USB camera modules ideal to various applications such as machine, vision, medical imaging and scientific research. The image sensor feature makes it possible for the users to achieve higher resolution of images are reasonable costs.

Being a recognized USB camera module supplier, Shenzhen Brilliant CMOS Technology manufacture quality USB cameras that effectively work on different platforms like Windows, Linux & Jetson TX1/TX2 etc. We offer a range of a range of camera modules and even custom-developed camera modules that are suitable for your needs. We even provide drivers for drivers for Linux, Windows and Android for integration with these camera modules.

The very skilled and experienced team of Shenzhen Brilliant CMOS Technology also leverages their capabilities in camera sensor technology, camera-tuning, camera hardware design, imaging software and various other needs. Their high-sensitivity image sensor ensures excellent performance to the users. The comprised features including electronic rolling shutter/frame exposure and high-quality imagery help the users in performing different tasks with ease.


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