Reasons of Using 4K MIPI Camera Module

Reasons of Using 4K MIPI Camera Module

With the advancement in technology, the MIPI camera module is commonly found in mobile phones and tables and supports high-definition resolutions above 5 million pixels. MIPI’s full form is “Mobile Industry Processor Interface” and MIPI DSI and MIPI CSI correspond to video display and video input standards respectively.

In current scenario, the MIPI camera module is widely used in embedded products such as driving recorders, body cameras, and high-definition micro cameras. Because of impressive features, 4K MIPI Camera Module is high in demand today. It is ideal for an open standard and a specification for mobile application processors.

Come with a differential serial port transmission with fast transmission speed and anti-interference. Presently, mainstream mobile phone modules are now using MIPI transmission, using 4 pairs of different signals to transmit image data and a pair of differential signals to transmit image data and a pair of differential clock signals. Though it was initially designed to reduce the number of connections between the LCD screen and the main control chip but later it developed to high speed and easy support of high-resolution display screen. This is the reason many devices now use MIPI interfaces.

The MIPI camera module come with three power supplies including IO power supply, analog power supply, core digital power supply. However, the camera power supply of different sensor modules is different. Here 4k MIPI camera sensor module is highly recommended to use an external supply. The users must need to ensure that the voltage is greater than the internal digital power supply.

The 4K MIPI camera sensor modules are best used because they convert the optical signal gathered by the lens into an electrical signal and after that the internal image sensor easily coverts the electrical signal into a digital signal and outputs for easy processing and conversion of RAW format image signal hassle-free output.

Many of the applications and devices like computers or laptops easily support 4k MIPI camera module.  Latest 4K camera module is best designed for high-definition video quality and smooth video stream in the solution like video conference, Live video teaching, barcode scanning etc. With sophisticated assembly lines and strong developing ability, this camera module can be easily purchased online to enjoy hassle-free delivery within 15 working days.

There are several reasons of using modern 4K camera module. The first one is that it adopts Sony IMX 317 sensor with can reach resolution 8 megapixel – 4120W*2160H. Other features that this module owns include high frame rate, high resolution pixel, 30fbs under max resolution option, low power consumption camera and DC USB power supply, high and stable image quality and output can select MJPEG or YUV raw image. The small board size or lens can be best customized to match your application. Moreover, users can enjoy easy plug and play without making driver installation.


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