What is IR-CUT and its functions?

IR CUT CAMERA MODULE 2MP Fixed Focus 1080P DVP USB Camera Module

What is IR-CUT and its functions?

1. What is IR-CUT?

IR-CUT (infrared cut) double filters are a set of filters built into the camera. When the infrared sensor of the camera detects the change in light intensity, the built-in IR-CUT will automatically switch according to the light intensity to achieve the best effect.

IR CUT CAMERA MODULE 2MP Fixed Focus 1080P DVP USB Camera Module

2. When should IR-cut be used?

If your application have high requirements for images. They require that the images should not be color biased during the day, and the infrared light should be used to supplement the light for good night vision. Ir-cut is required.

Currently, THERE are three main applications of CMOS:

1) It is used in situations where lighting is not needed, such as hotel lobbies, 24-hour convenience stores, etc., where there is sufficient light source for 24 hours;

2) Where white light is used to fill the light, such as road monitoring, the image should always be in color;

3) in the case of using infrared lamp to fill the light, such as school monitoring, residential monitoring, etc., it is necessary to fill the light and need to have a certain concealing, so as to have less interference to the surrounding environment.

At present, IPC network camera must use ir-cut for the third) scene. For the first) scene, it can be considered to choose IR-cut to enhance the degree of color restoration.

3. Special requirements for using IR-cut

When using IR-CUT with IR LED, there must be a synchronous signal output to the CMOS board to “tell” the CMOS board whether the current INFRARED light is on or off, which is required by all CMOS with INFRARED light and IR-CUT at present. The indicator board needs to output a synchronization signal to the CMOS board. The output is 0V when the infrared light is off, and 3.3V when the infrared light is on. The output cannot be higher than 3.3V; otherwise, the main control board will be burned.

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