What is RGB-IR?

What is RGB-IR?

RGB is the color mode, representing Red, Green and Blue respectively, which is the most widely used color mode.IR is an Infrared light whose wavelength is longer than that of red light.In low light, use IR camera to enhance reality effect.

Traditional COMS image sensors use Bayer format as Color Filter Array (CFA). The Color information of pixels is determined according to the specific wavelength of light.

Rgb-IR technology uses RGB-IR CFA, based on Bayer format, to modify part of the pixels to IR pixels, which only allow infrared light to pass through.

IR CUT USB UVC Camera Module

Using RGB-IR technology, RGB color images and IR images can be captured simultaneously by one same sensor device,which can get both day vision and night vision.

IR CUT USB UVC Camera Module

RGB-IR technology functions

RGB-IR technology was originally introduced to solve the problem of switching between day and night modes in the application of surveillance cameras, and the mechanical-controlled IR-CUT was introduced to solve the problem of infrared interference in RGB mode.

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