What is the wide dynamic of the camera? What are the main applications?

What is the wide dynamic of the camera? What are the main applications?

What is the wide dynamic?

Wide dynamic range means that the brightest and darkest parts of the scene can be seen clearly at the same time. Wide dynamic range is the ratio of the brightest signal value that the image can distinguish to the darkest light signal value that can be distinguished.

Wide dynamic technology is a technology used to let the camera see the characteristics of the image under very strong contrast.

When the high brightness areas illuminated by strong light sources (sunlight, lamps or reflections, etc.) and relatively low brightness areas such as shadows and backlights exist in the image at the same time, the bright areas of the camera will become white due to overexposure, while the dark areas will become black due to underexposure, which seriously affects the image quality.

There are limitations in the camera’s performance of the brightest and darker areas in the same scene, which is commonly known as “Dynamic Range”.

What are the main applications?

The main application fields of wide dynamic camera.
Car toll system: at present, the focus of low illuminance and wide dynamic camera for road monitoring is the highway toll monitoring system, the lane of toll station, toll parking lot and apartment parking lot.

Electronic police system: low-illumination wide-motion cameras play a huge role because of the need for 24-hour continuous monitoring and seeing the license plate clearly.

Urban commercial street and its periphery: monitor areas with obvious light changes, including some applications in urban commercial streets, in order to grasp the traffic situation of some busy intersections, the operation of vehicles around the road section, the flow of pedestrians and traffic security and other issues.

Bank systems : monitor the automatic door of the bank and the door of the ATM door.

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